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Unformatted text preview: tores by reaching a days prior grand opening prior to opening minimum of 2 managers and 7 attendants per of store of each store store Corporate HR Manager Operations/Processes 1 Reduce customer wait time by more than 1 Minute Implement timer to be Start of FY2015 set for 3 minutes per Q1 order Store Management Generate more positive Start of FY2014 reviews on blogs/ social Q3 media Marketing Department Community/Social Responsibility 1 Increase customer satisfaction by creating online surveys Business Ethics/Natural Environment 1 Give leftover food to local non-profit organizations Increase brand image by Beginning 5% to local community Immediately Financial (2013) Increase EPS from 0.31 to 0.46 by 2016 by 2016 Creating a joint venture Beginning Corporate Management Conclusion Conclusion Compare and contrast with companies own plans Questions! References Gill, D. (2013). Hungry For Krispy Kreme? At What Price? Ycharts. Retrieved from https://ycharts.com/analysis/story/hungry_for_kris py_kreme_at_what_price Kelso, A. (2012). Restaurant indus...
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