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Unformatted text preview: an affect access to resources External Assessment: EFE Matrix ­ Opportunities Key Exte rnal Fac tor s Opportunities 1 Globa l markets are provi di ng opport unities for growth - 2 Pos sibility for advertisements in ne w f ore ign c ount ries 3 Foc us f ranchise m arke ting e fforts on ne w markets in Europe and Sout h a nd Ce ntral Ame rica 4 5 6 7 8 (1) Fewer technol ogi cal shifts influe nce indus try KKD mobi le a pp/ game Abi lity to enha nce produc ts t o meet more customers' de sire s Pastries/doughnut s are enjoye d in e ve ry cul ture New interna tional franchise agreements with franc hi sees in Mos cow, Indi a and S ingapore , in fiscal 2013 (1) 9 Inc rease investment in i nform ation technol ogy s ystems to i ncrease ope rational capabilities and e ffe ctiveness in fiscal 2014 (1) Threats 1 Globa l econom ic slowdown 2 Grow ing competitive market (D unki n, Starbucks, Einstein Noa h Re staura nt Group) 3 Inc reasing c ost of ingre dients ( wheat and soybe an oi l) 4 Inc reasing c ost of ut ilties and fue l 5 32% of t otal re...
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