3 chemistry52 chapter22 reactionsofalcohols

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Unformatted text preview: O R O H O H H R H O O O H O R H R H H alcohol­alcohol water­alcohol · Hydrogen bonding between water and alcoho l leads to increased so lubilit y, while hydrogen bonding between alcoho l and alcoho l molecules accounts for the high bo iling point. 3 Chemistry 52 Chapter 22 REACTIONS OF ALCOHOLS · The main react ions of alcoho ls are dehydration and oxidation. · Dehydrat ion reactions occur when a water mo lecule is lost from an alcoho l and an alkene is produced. H C C H H H H H C C OH 96% H SO H heat 2 4 H H + H O 2 · For many alcoho ls, there is more than one way to remove water. Therefore the double bond can be located in different posit ions. · The major product in such cases is the alkene in which the C=C bond has the greatest number of alkyl substituents on it (or the least number of hydrogens). H C C H H C 3 H OH H H 96% H SO 2 4 H C 3 heat CH 2 H C C CH + H C 3 3 2­butene (major product) 2­butanol H 2 C H C CH + H O 2 2 1­...
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