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Unformatted text preview: butene · This rule is summarized as Saytzeff’s rule, which states that during intramolecular dehydrat ion, if there is a cho ice of posit ions for the carbon­carbon double bond, the preferred location is the one that generally gives the more highly substituted alkene – that is, the alkene with the most alkyl groups attached to the double­bond carbons. Examples: Predict and name the major product formed by the dehydrat ion of each of the fo llowing alcoho ls: CH 3 1. H 3C H+ OH Heat O H H+ 2. H 3C CH 3 Heat 4 Chemistry 52 Chapter 22 REACTIONS OF ALCOHOLS · Oxidat ion of alcoho ls can yie ld to aldehydes, ketones and carboxylic acids. · Mild oxidat ion of primary alcoho ls yields aldehydes. Further oxidat ion of these compounds yields carboxylic acids. H R O O C [O] OH R C H + H O 2 [O] aldehyde H o primary (1 ) R C OH carboxylic acid alcohol · Oxidat ion of R ondary alcoho ls yields ketones. sec O R R C O OH [O] R C R ketone H o secondary (2 ) alcohol · Tertiary alcoho ls do not undergo oxidat ion. R Examples: Predict the major product formed by the oxidat ion of each of the following alcoho ls: 1. OH H C 3 CH3 CH 3 2. H 3C mild OH 5...
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