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Unformatted text preview: OH CH2CH3 H C 3 CH 3 HO CH 3 2 O H Chemistry 52 Chapter 22 PHYSICAL ROPERTIES OF ALCOHOLS · The phys ical properties of alcoho ls are related to those of both water and alkanes. This results from the similarit y o f alcoho l mo lecules to both water and alkanes. H¾O¾H R¾O¾H R¾H Water Alcoho l Alkane · Similar to water, alcoho ls are polar mo lecules. As a result, many alcohols are quite soluble in water. This is in contrast to alkanes which are non­po lar and therefore inso luble in water. · The hydroxyl group in alcoho l mo lecule is responsible for both the solubilit y and the relat ively high bo iling po int of alcoho l. The hydroxyl groups can hydrogen bond between water and alcohol mo lecules. H O H H R...
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