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Unformatted text preview: erconverted by transfer of a proton is called conjugate acid­base pair. HCl (g) + H 2 O (l) ¾¾ H3 O+ (aq) + Cl (aq) ® (Acid) (Base) (Conjugate acid of water) (Conjugate base of HCl) + NH3 (aq) + H O (l) ¾¾ NH 4 (aq) + OH (aq) ® 2 (Base) (Acid) (Conjugate (Conjugate acid of NH3 ) base of water) 3 Chemistry 52 Chapter 15 BRØNSTED­LOWRY ACIDS & BASES Examples: 1. Ident ify the conjugate acid­base pairs for each reaction shown below: – H2O + Cl – ® HCl + OH – – C6H5OH + C2H5O ® C6H5O + C2H5OH 2. Write the formula for the conjugate acid for each base shown: – HS NH3 CO32– 3. Write the formula for the conjugate base for each acid shown: HI CH3OH HNO3 4 Chemistry 52 Chapter 15 IONIZATION OF WATER · As noted previously, water can act both as an acid and a base. · I...
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