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Unformatted text preview: CnH2 n . · To use the IUPAC rules for naming alkenes: 1. Select the longest continuous carbon­carbon chain that contains the double bond. 2. Name this parent compound as you would an alkane, but change the –ane ending to –ene. 3. Number the carbon chain o f the parent compound starting with the end nearer to the double bond. Use the smaller of the two numbers on the double­bonded carbon atoms to indicate the posit ion of the double bond. Place this number in front of the alkene name. 4. Branch chains and other groups are treated as in naming alkanes, by numbering and assigning them to the carbon atom to which they are bonded. CH3CH=CHCH3 2­butene CH3CH2CH2CH=CH2 1­pentene CH3 ï CH3CHCH2CH=CH2 4­methyl­1­pentene CH2CH3 ï CH3CH2CH2CHCH=CH2 3­ethyl­1­hexene Examples: 1. Write a structural formula for 4­methyl­2­pentene. 2. Write a structural formula for 7­methyl­2­octene. H 2 C 3. Name the co mpound shown : H C 3 H 2 C C CH 2 2 CH 3 C H 2 Chemistry 52 Chapter 20 GEOMETRIC ISOMERS · Compounds containing a carbon­carbon doub...
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