20 nh 4cl nh 3 chemistry52 chapter16

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Unformatted text preview: KBr Examples: For each salt shown below, ident ify the parent acid and base and determine whether the solut ion would be acidic, basic or neutral. Salt Parent Acid NaCN NH4NO3 NaF K2SO4 18 Parent Base Acidic, Basic or Neutral Chemistry 52 Chapter 16 BUFFER SOLUTIONS · Many bio logical systems require a very narrow control of the pH in order to operate properly. For example blood must be maintained between pH of 7.35 and 7.45 for efficient transport of oxygen fro m lungs to the cells. · Buffer solut ions are so lutions of weak acids and bases wit h their conjugate salts that resist changes in pH upon addit ion of acid or base. · Two types of buffer solut ions are: 1. Solution o f a weak acid and its conjugate base HC2H3O2 and NaC2H3O2 2. Solution o f a weak base and its conjugate acid NH3 and NH4Cl · In each of these buffer so lutions the weak acid or base forms an e...
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