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Unformatted text preview: first collide. Many collisio ns, however, do not lead to a reaction. · Those collisio ns that do lead to a reaction are called effective collisions. For collisio ns to be effective, they must have sufficient energy, and the correct orientation. proper orientation improper orientation · The minimum energy required to collis io ns to be effect ive is called activation energy. Energy diagram for an endothermic reaction 2 Chemistry 52 Chapter 16 FACTORS AFFECTING RATES OF REACTION · The rate of a react ion can be affected by the nature of the reactants, changes in temperature, the amounts of reactants present, and the addit ion of catalyst. Nature of Reactants · In general, reactions between ions in aqueous solutio ns occur very rapidly, compared to reactions between molecules. This is due to the fact that with io ns no covalent bonds need to be broken before reaction occurs. Concentration of Reactants · The increased amount of reactants increases the number of collisions and therefore increases...
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