Thetwoiso mersofbutaneareshownbelow in recognizing

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Unformatted text preview: n+2 , and can be straight chain or branched. · Smaller alkanes were originally named in a random fashio n, but larger alkanes are named by the IUPAC system. The first ten alkanes are named as shown below: 8 Chemistry 52 Chapter 19 STRUCTURAL ISOMERS · Compounds with the same mo lecular formula but different structural formulas are called isomers. · Most organic co mpounds have iso mers. For example, butane has 2 iso mers; pentane has 3 iso mers, and hexane has 5 iso mers. The two iso mers of butane are shown below: · In recognizing iso mers of a co mpound, it is important to recognize mo lecules that might appear to have different structures, but are really the same. Examples: 1. Ident ify all the iso mers of C3H7Br from the cho ices given below: CH3CH2CH 2¾Br CH3CH2CH2 ï Br Br ï CH2CH2CH3 Br¾CH2CH2CH3 2. Draw structural formulas for all the iso mers o f C4H9Cl. 9 CH3CHCH3 ï Br Chemistry 52 Chapter 19 CLASSIFICATON OF CARBONS & HYDROGENS Carbons in alkane mo lecules can be classified as one...
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