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Unformatted text preview: hemplate (rinse very well between tests) ­ a 250 mL beaker with D.I. water, and ­ your own wash bottle, containing D.I. water ­ check if the electrodes are clean before testing (D.I. water t ­ rinse the electrodes very well after testing. DO NOT: ­ remove reagents from stations ­ leave reagent bottles open ­ switch droppers from dropper bottles ­ remove or disconnect the conductivity apparatus You will do the experiment with a partner. However the unknown will be assigned to you individually. Do not forget the report your unknown number in your lab notebook and on your Report Form. At each station, you will perform the following tests: 1. Conductance testing Check if the electrodes are clean (D.I. water test should give negative test). Fill one depression of the Chemplate with 30 drops of the solution to be tested. Perform the conductance test as it was done in a previous experiment. Record the result Do not discard the test solution. 7 Chemistry 52 EXPERIMENT #2 For the tests that f...
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