Laboratory Walkthrough 4

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Unformatted text preview: e , a function of the type returned by get_value_key ­ k y and a list of tuples containing ugt e, information on r t r m n _ o s s where the first value is a string ­ the name of the house, the eieethue, second is the annual rent on it, and the third is the number of battleship opponents the home hosts. Returns the name of the retirement home which provides the best value and which is affordable. Note that the key may not have come from get_value_key, and might not be linear. Note that the school solution demo receives a value instead of a function in the 2ns parameter. Your code is supposed to work like this: f2=get_value_key(3) choose_retirement_home_opponents(budget,f2,retirement_houses) Editing the definitions of functions. In few assignments you have arguments that receive a default value ­ You should edit the function definitions in the template file such that they will specify the requested default values. Do not change anything else in the definition. example template: def get_v...
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