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Unformatted text preview: d a miss. It also means that if a ship added in middle of a game can cross a partially destroyed ship. Back in, we will try to choose our retirement home by different measurement. We will care for two things ­ we must make sure the house is affordable, but the value of the house will be given by a formula depends both on its rent and the number of battleship opponents in it. Assignment 5a: Implement g t v l e k y a function with 1 argument: the v l e added per opponent (default e_au_e, au value = 0), Returns a key function which accepts a triple containing (name of the house ,annual rent, number of opponents) and returns keys such that 'sorted(home_list, key=get_value_key(n))' will return a new sorted list from low to high according to this ranking. you are asked to return a function that given a container of size 3 will return the new value of the house ­ the rent plus the value from battleship opponents. Assignment 5b: Implement c o s _ e i e e t h m _ p o e t, a function with 3 arguments: a hoertrmn_oeopnns b d...
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