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Unformatted text preview: ignment will be written in a file named battleship.py Assignment 4a Implement n w b a d a function with 2 arguments: The w d h of the board and the h i h e_or, it egt of the board. In case of no height argument, the default board is a square. The default value for width is 10 (new_board() is 10x10, new_board(8) is 8x8, new_board(8,12) is rectangular). Each row of the board is represented by a list, (left to right,) and the board is a list of lists of rows, (top to bottom). The top left cell is indexed as [0][0], and the bottom right cell is indexed as [height­1][width­1]. As the board starts empty, each of the inner arrays is a list of 'None's. Return an empty grid of the right size. Assignment 4b: Implement l c _ h p a function with 4 arguments: The b a d in which to place the ships, the paesi, or length of the ship, s i _ e g h a tuple (x,y) representing the b w of the ship, and a tuple hplnt, o (dx,dy) representing the direction the ship is facing ­ s i _ i e t o . hpdrcin Remember that the cell (x,y) can be accessed as b a dy][x]. Re...
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