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Unformatted text preview: tuples, where each tuple is composed of a string value and a float value. The function will return a NEW list that is sorted by the 2nd value of the tuple, the numerical one. The sorting direction should be from the lowest to the largest. sort should be stable (if values are equal, use original order). We’ve learned in class “bubble sort”, use this algorithm to sort the list. you cannot use any given function by python (as sort()) or any different algorithm. Complete: b b l _ o t 2 d v l e t p e l s ) ubesr_n_au(ul_it Write your code in the appropriate place in the Bingo! Bingo is an important activity. To enjoy the rest of your life, one should choose the best retirement house he can afford. In the next assignment you’ll search for the most expensive retirement house, such that you won’t finish your savings. In this assignment you must use binary search. Assignment 3 Implement choosing_retirement_home, a function with 3 arguments: an initial amount on your account, s v n s a list of annual growth perc...
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