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Unformatted text preview: ploaded the file now also contains links to download the file you submitted (you can download it to make sure the file you submitted is OK) and to the pdf file that was passed to the grader. ● Here's an example of a pdf that's received for a submission with mistakes. The mistakes are that the README is named README.txt and the program prints "Hello world" when the 'w' in World should be capital. The file is missing, and there is an extra, very long line. These mistakes will cause the grader to reduce points. ● This is an example pdf received for a submission with no mistakes. Running the tests yourself ● This year we provide you with all the automatic testers we will use on your exercise befor...
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This document was uploaded on 03/20/2014 for the course CMSC 67101 at Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

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