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Unformatted text preview: her code. Save the file H l o u t e p when it draws a square, a elTrl.y circle and prints hello world. 4. The UNIX Environment The goal of this section is to make sure you understand the first hands­on tirgul. So, first, please go over it and make sure you understand everything (do all the exercises, try out all I L shortcuts, invoke all shell commands). DE After you've done all of this, open gedit editor by typing gedit& in the shell, and create a file named: ~ s f / n r 2 s e 0 e 0 t t ou should write all your answers to the /aeitoc/x/x.x.Y questions listed below in this file. Many questions are about issues which were specifically addressed in the tirgul. Your answers should NEVER be a simple copy and paste from the tirgul. You should answer in your own words, after you actually have (physically) resolved or tried out the issue by yourself. Your answers should convince the grader that you have indeed tried things out and have actually fully understood how to use them. 1. Describe the...
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