Laboratory Walkthrough 1

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Unformatted text preview: ) utegt(,10 trl.on) utedw( trl.ice10 utecrl(0) #g otecne,laeamsae ot h etr ev esg trl.p) uteu( trl.oo­0­) utegt(7,5 trl.rt(HloWrd,ot(Ail,2,"oml) utewie"el ol"fn="ra" 0 nra") trl.oe) utedn( Type the code into the IDLE, and run it using the F5 button. Few, very important principles of computer programming are already shown in this short program: a. Comments. Comments are used to clarify codes and are not interpreted by Python. Comments in Python start with the hash character, # and extend to the , end of the physical line. b. c. Import. We already mentioned Import, by importing the module Turtle we may now use already written functions implemented by others Functions. Functions are short independent codes that can be called a few times without the need to retype the code. We can recognize a call to d. a function when we see the Parentheses - (). The module turtle has several functions that belong to it. When calling t r l . o o 1 0 1 0 , utegt(0,0) we call the function "t...
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