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Unformatted text preview: created the following files: 1 Hlop . el.y 2 Hloutep . elTrl.y 3 e0tt . x.x 4 R A M as explained in the course guidelines) . EDE( ● Create a TAR file named ex0.tar containing only the above files by invoking the shell command: t r c f e 0 t r H l o p e l T r l . y e 0 t t R A M See tirgul a v x.a el.yHloutep x.x EDE( 1 slides for details about tars) ● It is recommended to check your TAR file by copying it to a different directory, opening it by executing the command: t r x f e 0 t rand verifying that the files were a v x.a indeed successfully created. Submitting the tar file ● If you haven't done so already, you must register for the course grading system (only once!) ● You should submit the file ex0.tar via the "Upload File" link on the course home page, under the ex0 link. ● Note that submission requires you to be registered as a student and logged in. ● Shortly after you upload the file you should receive an email to your university mailbox. That email contains the test results of your submission and the pdf file that was passed to the grader. The page where you u...
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