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Unformatted text preview: your account, otrtrmn, s v n s a list of annual growth percentages on investments while you are retired (g o t _ a e ), aig; rwhrts and your annual expenses (e p n e ). Assume that the increase in the investment account savings is xess calculated before subtracting the annual expenditures (as shown in the above table). Your function should return a list of the fund values on each year each year after retirement, accounting for annual expenses and the growth of the retirement fund. As in problem 2, the length of the g o t _ a e rgument rwhrtsa defines the number of years you plan to live after retirement. Note that if the retirement fund balance becomes negative, expenditures should continue to be subtracted, and the growth rate comes to represent the interest rate on the debt (i.e. the formulas in the above table still apply). Complete the definition for: ps_eieetsvns rwhrts xess: otrtrmn(aig,got_ae,epne) Write your code in the appropriate place in the template. compare it with the school solution Dealing with errors and bad inputs In this exercise you cannot assume that the input you’ve received from the user is correct. You may assume that the type of each argument is correct but not its value. In the you will find specific details how to deal with errors...
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