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Unformatted text preview: count, and a number of work years. The function should return a list where each element in the list represents the value of the retirement fund in the end of a year, with the most recent year’s value at the end of the list. Complete the implementation of c n t n _ e s o ( a a y a e r w h r t , osatpnin slr,sv,got_ae yas er) Write the code in the appropriate place in template (you can find the link below). Make sure you’ve implemented the function as demanded, testing for bad inputs. To test your function, compare it with the school solution. Mission 1 was relatively easy and simple; clearly the market does not grow at constant rate. A better model would be to account for variations in growth percentage each year. Assignment 2 Implement v r a l _ e s o : This function takes s l r nd s v as before, and aibepnin aaya ae g o t _ a e – a list of annual growth percentages in investments. The length of the list rwhrts (g o t _ a e ) will define the number of years you plan to work; g o t _ a e [ ]is the rwhrts rwhrts 0 growth rate for the first year, etc. (note that because the retirement fund’s initial value is 0, g o t _ a e [ ]is, in fact, irrelevant.). This function returns a list, whose values are the sizes of rwhrts 0 your retirement account at the end of each year (as in c n t n _ e s o ). osatpnin Complete the implementation of c n t n _ e s o ( a a y a e r w h r t s) osatpnin slr,sv,got_ae Writethe code in the appropriate place in template. But how should we choose where to invest the money? Well, most of us just go with the default suggested by the workplace, and end up with their retirement money spread between 10 different funds. Those of us who are smart, will try to understand what is suggested by each fund. Let's assume a clear future, where each fund promises you what will be the growing rate in each year. Assignment 3 Implement c o s _ e t f n ( a a y s v , u d _ i e n this function you will have to hoebs_udslr,aefnsfl)I choose what is the best fund for your...
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