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Unformatted text preview: .9 Nov-20-2012 RS REP 61.9 61.5 $33.64 (1,253.7) ($20.38) 2,532.5 1,814.0 459.7 246.4 NA 100.7 141.2 430.5 39.0 278.2 1,775.7 75.6 14,800 15.9 Nov-20-2012 O REP 62.0 62.0 $35.4 (1,126.9) ($18.16) 2,552.9 1,765.8 NA NA NA 92.1 140.2 405.6 43.7 278.0 1,785.8 67.5 NA 17.2 Jan-31-2013 O REP Currency ASSETS Cash And Equivalents Total Cash & ST Investments Accounts Receivable Other Receivables Total Receivables Inventory Prepaid Exp. Deferred Tax Assets, Curr. Other Current Assets Total Current Assets Gross Property, Plant & Equipment Accumulated Depreciation Net Property, Plant & Equipment Common Stock Additional Paid In Capital Retained Earnings Treasury Stock Comprehensive Inc. and Other Total Common Equity Total Equity Total Liabilities And Equity Supplemental Items Total Shares Out. on Filing Date Total Shares Out. on Balance Sheet Date Book Value/Share Tangible Book Value Tangible Book Value/Share Total Debt Net Debt Debt Equiv. of Unfunded Proj. Benefit Obligation Debt Equivalent Oper. Leases Inventory Method Raw Materials Inventory Work in Progress Inventory Finished Goods Inventory Land Buildings Machinery Construction in Progress Full Time Employees Accum. Allowance for Doubtful Accts Filing Date Restatement Type Calculation Type Note: For multiple class companies, total share counts are primary class equivalent, and for foreign companies listed as primary ADRs, total share counts are ADR-equivalent. Financial data provided by Energizer Holdings Inc. (NYSE:ENR) > Financials > Cash Flow In Millions of the reported currency, except per share items. Template: Period Type: Currency: Units: Standard Annual Reported Currency S&P Capital IQ (Default) Restatement: Order: Conversion: Decimals: Latest Filings Latest on Right Historical Capital IQ (Default) Cash Flow 12 months Sep-30-2008 USD 12 months Sep-30-2009 USD 12 months Sep-30-2010 USD 12 months Sep-30-2011 USD 12 months Sep-30-2012 USD LTM 12 months Dec-31-2012 USD 329.3 122.0 14.0 136.0 297.8 111.4 13.1 124.5 403.0 119.8 13.6 133.4 261.2...
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