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2x 21x 20x 11x hormel foods corporation nysehrl 10x

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Unformatted text preview: 3x 10.4x 9.9x Campbell Soup Co. (NYSE:CPB) Summary Statistics High Low Mean Median TEV/EBITDA LTM - Latest 10.7x 9.8x 11.5x 7.8x 2.0x 9.8x TEV/Total Revenues LTM Latest 2.5x 1.0x 1.7x 2.0x TEV/EBITDA LTM - Latest 14.1x 7.8x 10.8x 10.7x Displaying 8 Companies. Excel Comp Set ID: IQ226282847 Note: The currency conversion rate used will be the period ending rate. All values in millions, except per share data and ratios. Values converted at today's spot rate. Financial data provided by Estimates data provided by Historical Equity Pricing Data supplied by TEV/EBIT LTM - Latest P/Diluted EPS Before Extra LTM - Latest 14.1x 19.7x 11.7x 15.1x 13.8x 18.6x 11.6x 212.2x TEV/EBIT LTM - Latest P/Diluted EPS Before Extra LTM - Latest 16.4x 212.2x 11.2x 15.1x 13.3x 46.3x 13.8x 18.6x P/TangBV LTM - Latest NTM TEV/Forward Total Revenue (Capital IQ) NM 1.10x NM 1.95x NM 1.93x NM 1.06x NTM TEV/Forward EBITDA (Capital IQ) 8.3x 9.9x 11.0x 9.4x NTM Forward P/E (Capital IQ) 14.16x 14.79x 16.90x 20.61x 13.88x NTM Forward P/E (Capital IQ) 20.61x 14.16x 17.15x 16.90x...
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