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Growth rates for the ltm period are calculated

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Unformatted text preview: rrent Capitalization (Millions of USD) Currency Share Price as of Feb-11-2013 Shares Out. USD $61.78 386.6 Market Capitalization** Class A Common Stock Shares Out * Class A Common Stock Share Price = Class A Common Stock Market Capitalization + Class B Common Stock Shares Out * Class B Common Stock Share Price = Class B Common Stock Market Capitalization - Cash & Short Term Investments + Total Debt + Pref. Equity + Total Minority Interest = Total Enterprise Value (TEV) 23,887.1 237.2 61.8 14,652.3 149.5 61.8 9,234.8 1,323.6 1,356.1 12.9 23,932.5 Book Value of Common Equity + Pref. Equity + Total Minority Interest + Total Debt = Total Capital 3,110.2 12.9 1,356.1 4,479.2 **For companies that have multiple share classes that publicly trade, we are incorporating the different prices to calculate our company level market capitalization. Please click on the value to see the detailed calculation. Prices shown on this page are the close price of the company’s primary stock class. Shares shown on this page are total company as-reported share values. Total Liability includes Total Debt, Minority Interest and Pref. Equity. Net Liability includes Total Liability, net of Cash and Short Term Investments. TEV includes Market Cap and Net Liability. Total Capital includes Common Equity and Total Liability. Valuation Multiples based on Current Capitalization 12 months Jun-30-2012A 2.5x LTM 12 months Dec-31-2012A 2.4x 12 months Jun-30-2013E 2.4x 12 months Jun-30-2014E 2.2x 12 months Jun-30-2015E 2.0x TEV/EBITDA 14.1x 13.2x 13.0x 11.6x 10.3x TEV/EBIT 17.1x 16.0x - - - P/Diluted EPS Before Extra 28.6x 26.3x 24.2x 21.2x 18.4x 8.8x 7.7x - - - 14.5x 11.7x - - - For the Fiscal Period Ending TEV/Total Revenue P/BV Price/Tang BV Financial data provided by Estimate data provided by The Estée Lauder Companies Inc. (NYSE:EL) > Financials > Balance Sheet In Millions of the reported currency, except per share items. Balance Sheet Balance Sheet as of: Template: Period Type: Currency: Units: Standard...
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