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getting more cooling in stratosphere

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Unformatted text preview: os, and this correlates- so then strat cools off at same rate of warming- cooler conditions in strat, that means polar strat in arctic getting cold as Antarctic strat before- only hole in trop bc of continentality in antartic makes it a colder environment and the polar vortex which faster winds blocks warm air exchange- that air is just circulating back to the tropics now, artic cold as antartic bc of global warming – strat cooling, greater buildup of stratospheric clouds- the colder it gets, the faster the chemical reaction can occur- strat cooling bc trop warming- trop warming c of greenhouse gases, more heat released in trop, less makes it to strat- bc trapped from global warming- usually, the vortex cant develop in north hemisphere- but also having an arctic oscillation that is creating an even faster artic vortex- is it a physical reaction to atmosphere or does it have to do with global warming changes?- getting more cooling in stratosphere in poles bc getting more trop warming in poles- why is is warming more in poles? Bc of ice melt- ice melting back, so there is less albido which...
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