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Decline of 03 to 02 and 01 o3 so imp bc it absorbs

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Unformatted text preview: year?? Arctic hole - - Caused by polar stratospheric clouds bc they trap the chain terminator- cold enough temp for chem reaction to occur- occur on the crystals from cold air and you need a vortex of fast flowing winds- flwoing faster around southern pole bc no continent around there- notthern pole has Russia, Greenland, US, Baltic- never had artic destruction bc never cold enough, continents to the south slowed vortex which alloed exchange of polar and tropical air- cfcs will decrease amount of ozone bc chlorine molecule on ise cloud under right temps will lead a rapid decline of 03 to 02 and 01 – o3 so imp bc it absorbs ultraviolet radiation- so imp bc this UV will cause cancer rates to go up- so we need o3 to stop UV B and then lessen cancer- easily link this despite singer and seitz- - how does ozone depletion correlate with global warming- ozone or stratospheric cooling has a neg correlation with global warming- main reason is that less and less of the heat is getting through troposphere into stratosphere- if more heat absorbed in trop, less goes to strat...
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