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Doesnt blow out native americans had this pollution

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Unformatted text preview: means more absorption of heat energy in dark surfaces and then solar radition creates more long wave radiant which creates more trop heat- glacier- white- means more reflection of solar radiation- special polarized glasses bc so much reflection of light- (in forest, its dark so absorbs the heat- trees absorbing heat and radiating heat and melts snow around it)- so, pull glaciers back – now soil, and greenhouse gasses taking even more our of it- absorbing more of the long wave radiation- so cal- 30 degrees north- where subsidence occurring from upper atmosphere- mostly comes down over this area- this air is warming 1 degree Celsius every 100 meters is descends- gone done 10k – so goes up 100 degrees Celsius- if air coming down, air cant rise- over a region ilke this, heating from the surface bc of terrestrial radiation cold current- doesn’t produce as much atmospheric upward motion- inversion means that there is warmer air above colder air- warmer up bc air coming from upper atmosphere it is warm- so, by time this upper air has come down, it is 100+ degrees Celsius- so winds are wes...
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