Best dcience thought we didnt have much gas bc they

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Unformatted text preview: go ahead in the near future though- crude oil in 12 quad btus, geothermal small amount oil has gone down total energy- not just electircity- petroleum going down but still largest bc of cars, indust uses, etc it would be gorwing more if more cars/buses taking advantage of it since this, china ahs gone ahead of the us- 33% of asia stndard- Btu- about one kilojoule opposite trends now- based on best dcience- thought we didn’t have much gas bc they didn’t have the baest fracking proceedures- did have fracking since 1880s- but it has exploeded production is more sensitive to price unlike oil- bc its more controlled by monopoly- so actually listens to supply/demand it is hard to see coal decreasing bc of politics- obama energy plan- gas has half carbon footprint as coal- so coal is not green alternative- us R/D expenditures- different today but similar patterns- percentage of a hundred and ten billion us energy sources in ‘99 despite renewble energy labs- a whole lab Qatar- natural gas reserve In world pearl gas to liquids plant- huge mountain of gas under qatar- types of coal low rank coals- brown coal- high amounts of water, low amounts of carbon hard coal- more carbon- anthracite- hardest- burns clean and burns with a lot of Btus – but not a lot of it- only some in pennsylvannia- we clean water with it- going from peat (coal)- lower amount of carbon lignite coal- dominates german...
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