Of dumping lime sealing with clay billinos of dollars

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Unformatted text preview: polish/eastern european coal fields- young coals- evidence of ealry humans- earliest spear was coal- Why do we burn coal? cheaper, more availble- comes from states with strong senators- want to use their sources- high sulfer amounts of coal and has mercury though stuff goes in water- broken into fish- works up food chain- high amonutns of mercury- keystone XL oil sands- is the pipeline that important to take low Btu highly polluting, environ degrading sands from canada sent to texas to be refined- bc ther is so much natural gas here- si that inportant change occurs in 1990s as asia explodes better quality not nec the oldest- just the more heat and pressure on peet- germany- needed to restore areas devestated by coal mines- so turned them into lakes- had pH of 2- so had to clean it up- strong tactics of dumping lime, sealing with clay- billinos of dollars- frack- naural oil mountain top removal- restoring the sites- but can it be functional? Phytoremediators like chestnut trees- Howarth, santoro, ingraffea- compared to coal, the footprint gas is greater- great in the short term and lesser on the long term- maybe better infrastrucute will be created- or the life expectancy of methane in the atmopshere- carbon dioxide stays for thousands of years- Oil geology- coal can occur in a lot fo diff geological formations- esp inmportant in plate techtonic boundaries- bc pr...
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