Getting mex russian north sea in late 2000s decline of

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Unformatted text preview: pourous- molecules move way through the crack bc super light- move into reservoir rock bc fileld with holes- need a cap rock- has to be a non pourus rock- shale or clay- low perocity- then need a trap- when a fault line forms- big folds become traps for formation of deposits- Gas (methane, butane), oil, and then water Indian and Eurasian pate moved and hit- folded and created mountains- this created a lot of traps- US import and export- after opec staered getting mex, Russian, north sea- in late 2000s decline of crude oil and petroleum imports- and increase in exports- bc advanced exploration Trade off- at first oil used to be amber, not refined much- now its dirty, and need to be filtered- Oil is so nec here- we drive everywhere- use gas is the cheapest- politicians fget money from oil companies- Oil...
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