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Unformatted text preview: oil works- as the oil has changed, its changed the environ dramaticallee- looking at an ancient fort- first movement of arabs into turkey- first muslim invasion in 7th century- shipped timber out of the area Fossil fuel- largest coal producing state- Wyoming- larges toirl state is texas- California- long oil producing state- new is north Dakota- Coal is formed- old wetland peet buried with heat and pressure- Oil formed from diff ways- four steps- forms along old fault lines- forms in marine sediments- bc ahs photoplankton and zooplankton which have carbon- when they die, drop to sediment below- doesn’t really decompose- bc anoxic environment- very slow- then buried inoceanic layears filled with carbon- then molecules of carbon and hydrogen like nin methane- will stay over period of time- this is a source rock- source rock is...
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