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For a world subisidy for fossil fuel consumption 400

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Unformatted text preview: ough - fracking came from gov programs- l gas prices has gone down- bc so much- gas burned goes directly into atmosphere with cfcs- well have a worse carbon environemnt and we wont be able to get to 450 parts per million to keep from warming 2 degrees celsius world energy outlook- arguing for a world subisidy for fossil fuel consumption - 400 billion dollars- k co2 most common greenhouse gas other than water- if we just say co2 is our evidence- we have warmed by .7 degrees industrial ecology- co generation world energy outlook graphic- 400 billion dollar subsidy- shows most subsidy ends up in upper classes- so much of world energy comes from coal- it is increasing coal form- aneorobic so decomposes very slowly coal mining- impacts on the environment- surface coal mining- area surface contour open cast- huge holes- esp in germany- some of the best chemists came out of this- finding out what things could use coal for undergound coal mines underground coal mining gasification- gypsum is a product- used for drywa...
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