Peng Yao Notes Chapter 2,3

Characteristics of strat thinking a totality think of

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Unformatted text preview: t use info from the past c. quality of strat thinking influences the Quality of Strategic Direction and practice of war • strat thinking is a process- a strat conductor needs to assess situation, decide on strat objectives and guidance, formulate strat planning, carry out strat decision, draw armed forces etc under war, needs to take into consideration nthe realtion of ops, link up past missions etc- so, needs to have hgh quality thinking 2. Characteristics of Strat thinking a. Totality- think of comprehensive war and all parts- extends to political/economic/scientific, tech, cultural, diplo- stress collectivity b. Confrontation- not only contest of mites, but contest of superior thinking- mentality and wisdom c. Certainty0 cant know enemys situation, but strat thinker needs to produce clear conclusion- but, rationally it is unconclusive- but, strat thinking cannot vacillate- should choose a path, but be flexible d. Foresightedness- to direct practice- need to draw up blueprint of future wars based on historical and current factos- but only use scientific foresight based on reality e. Creaetivity- ideas that come from experience are alays limited- requires initiative and to surpass experience fo tradition f. Inheritance- embodies tradit roles under influence of national characteristic- II. Models of Strat Thinking 1. Strat thinking can be divided into Objectic and Subjective strat thinking models: • Objective laws of war- links universal experienced- in the history of war, all strats that direct wars that lead to victoy are...
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