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Peng Yao Notes Chapter 2,3

Conservative vs creative conserve custom and

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Unformatted text preview: inevitably the consequences of objective strat thinking- • Subjective- from exper and data of ones mind- avoid it- 2. Divided into slosed and open strat thinking models • Closed- experience and traditions- makes few exchanges from the outside world- • Open- exchange info with outside world- sub old thinking with new- collect info from all sides- breaks narrowness of thinkgin- 3. Strat thinking can be stategem vs force types strat thinking models • Stratagem type—traditional chinese- useo limited force to achieve victory –‘bes tot attack enemy strategy’- chinas’ tradit thinking- subdue the enmy without fighting- virtue in fighting and righteous war • Force type- winning by strencth- western- direct confrontation- modern americanmore focus on ratio of force to weapons- before Vietnam, all about attrition- now, a little diff- 4. Conservative vs creative • Conserve- custom and tradition as reference- basis is that there is similarity between things- based on similarity of two things- past may help solve probs- but can lead to limitations- many exs of defeat when relying experience of last war- France in WWII- obsessed ith defense position like in WWI- had passive defense policy and placed at security on the Maginot line- but defeated in 1.5 months • Creatie- unorthodox- find optimum option ot solve probs with new visio...
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