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Peng Yao Notes Chapter 2,3

Method of stratagem confrontation contest of wisdom

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Unformatted text preview: n, method- new discovery- 5. Unitary and systematic • Takes indiv elements from war to arrive at conclusion- clear aims- but only analyzes from one direction- superficial and partial conclusion • Along many thinking points- understand probs comprehensively- takes war as a whole- connect III. Methods of Strategic Thinking 1. Method of Macro- operation- need to view world as macro- know all fundamentally 2. Historical deductive method- histoy cant repeat itself nor be cut apart- this model is a method that discovers general laws from history, studies them and applies them under new conditions • Find out which strategy applied- nap studied alex the great etc- but developed new stuff from them- • Analyze typical battles 3. Method of system integration- necessary in modern war- view sistuatio nas a whole- 4. Method of mathematical reasoning- henry Lloyd- founding fig of bourgeois milit science- nap well trained- war is about quantity- esp miltray ops research- data and mod...
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