Peng Yao Notes Chapter 11, 12, 14

Converging 2 faning out 3 parallel think about goals

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Unformatted text preview: alize strategic aim- like Nap in moscow - 2. Point at economic center- G pointed troops at southern econ zone in Russia- - 3. Point at major enemy groups - 4. Point at geography disadvantageous areas- weakly defended requirements for selelction- threaten several targets at once, select one offensive direction- mao said deply all army at one time- VS BRETNOR - Clausewitz- strike powerful enemy first- weak would flee,but most chinese think opposite- if weak successfully taken, strong wil become weak Patterns of offense 1. inidirectional- ground forces- but with development of weaponry, fewere of these happen- WWII- north Africa- easy for attck to organisze and concentrate forces- but rigif pattern is easy for defender too 2. multidirectional- attack determines positioning 1. Converging 2. Faning out 3. Parallel think about goals, reality of M, and g...
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