Peng Yao Notes Chapter 11, 12, 14

Help to win the war 1 point at political centerlose

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Unformatted text preview: egic objectives and will- - But need flexiblitiy- mao said most important- bv new info comes to light- Strategic pivot- making use of your forces or taking adv of enemy;s- like Mao used a lot- CH 12: Strategic Offense- - plays major role in realizing goals- many say can only win with O- Ma said that attack is primary- bc can chose operational direction if in O position- - Clausewitz- says that you do it to overthrow the political domination of the opposing aprty- - Stalin said that emphasizing the correct selesctio nof the strategiv basic stiking direction could help to win the war- - 1. Point at political center—lose moreal, but sometimes doesn’t help to re...
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