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Peng Yao Notes Chapter 11, 12, 14

To organize in the five dimensional battlefileld of

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Unformatted text preview: troops- oral or written form- Organizing the strategic coordination- inter or intra service- WWI- airplanes and tanks made them have coordination between the land and ar- WWII, development in the scale and complexity of stratefic coordination bc of large numbers of orces- - modern war needs to organize in the five dimensional battlefileld of the land, sea, air, space, and electromagnetism- Stalin made this a thing when directed all forces to berlin, Mao did this with pla a lot Strategic command must be subordinated to the needs of political situation- - on war being in line tiwht objectivereality of war- - - must make sure that strategic command is in line with objective of war and the combat forces, battlefield posture, morale etc- mao said that need to not overstep the limitations imposed by objective conditions- but, subjectively, can alter objective role in war- - CENTRALIZED UNITY OF COMMAND- MAO wanted central command- like Germans- unlike French- command of troops should be under one person, - Nap said this too- bc unity of strat...
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