Peng Yao Chapter 10 Notes

Forces and threat of offensive china specified the se

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Unformatted text preview: lways be followed and never really adjusted- but sometimes need to change it- like in China- has had three adjustments since PRC- have assessed threats to china and have altered them- in 1950- as circled by US forces and threat of offensive, china specified the SE coastal area of china as the main strategic direction- also when Russ employed troops to sino- coviet border- II. achiece objectives cheaply • in initial stages of War of Liberation, Mao decided that in accordance with his obkectives of ovrthrout kai- shek and liberate china, the strat objectives of the PLA was to wipe out 500 brigades- this was the key to alter ratio strength- • must conform to national interests- prtect territory and oceans- economic development- • mu...
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