Strategy in Asia

Theory 2 arms control 3 revolution in strategy then

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Unformatted text preview: ers- at each level, you have a set of different assumptions in IR- realist- man is evil by nature- yes hobbes constructivists- talk about everything waltz say system will still dominate the people, and people wil always have to be secure and it trumps everything neo- libs- everyone wants to get along really assuming we are rational, why would we all want to participate in blowing up the world people cross back and forth between levels- same as strategy, different levels relate to each other and understanding one level is critical to understanding others- part 1. Theory, 2. Arms control. 3. Revolution in strategy- then, lay out their views- MEMORIZE FIRST TWO SLIDES .Every Strategy Requires: 1. Projection of future environment= understanding the situation – 2. Plan secifying actions based on conscious and coherent criteria- principles 3. Generating and distributing the resoures need...
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