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Science as relational kantian idea cannot determine

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Unformatted text preview: ao- best book on strategy- integration of all major writings on strategy- Science- brit definition is cause and effect – develop hypothesis about relationship and then try to determine the falsehoods of it- science has no truth, but rather a lot of falsity- cant prove anything, but can disprove a lot - science as relational- Kantian idea- cannot determine causality, but objectivity was to map the key elements and relationship between them- Eastern has same approach- different styles of playing as well as empirical nature- Chinese deconstruct nature of competition, get key makeup- some of it quantitative Not rejecting empiricism, just saying it’s one part Peng and yao- explain how levels developed in E and W levels of analysis problem- war system- having nuclear technology – war system because anarchic system, no centralized authority, so, all semi- soveriegn people doing things randomly- group of people using assets of state to inflict will upon oth...
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