Naval Strategy

Strait of tsushima japs cross the t killed 23 of russ

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Unformatted text preview: russ asks brits to use coaling stations- brits say no help- russ wants to go through suez, brits wont let them- so, russ stacks up ships with coal- don’t have enough- russ run into brit squad- but neither want to go to war with each other- brits have telegraph- so know russ are coming- have to get through Singapore- brits control Singapore- brits let second fleet of russ go though suez- brits send message to hong kong to shengai, to Tokyo- track fleet the whole way - japs have years of training, know exactly how russ are organized- russ gets to strait of tsushima- japs cross the ‘T’- killed 2/3 of russ fleet- sunk rest later- - battleship mentality- misleading- bc battleships make a huge difference (not that they are irrelevant)- battleships determine if you have control of whole ocean- - new dreadnaught- rolled steal, not cast iron- Germans don’t want brits to do to them what japs did to russ- want to have enough of a fleet to break out of Brit blockade- - this was an arms race before WWI- germans had new form of steel making done by Kropp- mixture of stronger steel- guns oculd take more pressure, could go farther, higher velocity, armor ships- but same weight- brits get scared, but have a lot of money- out create the germans and WWI reflected this - Germans challenged them in battle of jutland- Arms control sinks the German fleet- end of war, germans disarmed entire fleet at brit ports- negotiations were going on- germans sent message to commanders- so sunk the whole fleet- ticked the brits off- the versaille agreement sunk the german navy Post WWI competing positions - brits wanted a navy txice as strong as nearest two competitors- but very expensive- policing the world- british navy enforced the antislavery trade in south atlantic- got rid of a lot of battleships bc expensive- - after WWI- brits had war...
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