Naval Strategy

Warn when fleets are coming then send airpower then

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Unformatted text preview: plans against the US and the US had war plans against british- but brits are broke- so create… - 5 power naval treaty and a treaty for asia - murray and millet- ont limit subs- before, unrestricted warfare- so, naval arms agreement ends in thirties- and everyone has an arms race- - agreement: brits and us, same number, jap gets 2/3, germ out, brit agreed with Germany- will hear that jap violated this agreement- but they were careful to not violate it- brits and us stayed in treaty even though Germ and jap came out- because had no money from the great depression- by not capturing subs and air, had to limit new tech- - this arms agreement ends up them unprepared- japs were building HUGE ships with 3 year advantage- - US and Brit couldn’t afford to compete, so made restrictions which was disasterous- - After pearl harbor, couldn’t convince anyone of naval arms control again- 4 power treaty- limit ships and what can be done with our possessions Jap naval warfare- theory was ambush- read mahan , but believed in corbett more- need to get key posisitons on land- send long range subs to warn when fleets are coming, then send airpower- then, take out aircraft carriers and then bring battleships in and sink the lot Cons- long range subs too dispersed, couldn’t be decisive Pro- land based air was masterul The US took light forces and use carrier as air defense, use subs in close- like a target- Cons- subs too close to offer protection- not enough protection to defend carrier- if in middle of getting strike, fighters not ready to go up- us realized needed a larger circle of subs and needed carriers and half carriers (not to fight from, but would allow landing or deposit it on island) Japs have concept of controlling surface by controlling air- sinks or forces fleet to run away- seize territory, build new air bases and expand airforce- Japanese oto war plan- - 70% of army in china worried about russ from the north- pearl harbor was to take out our fleet so could move down to SE asia- for OIL in dutch indies, a buffer- jap theory: you don’t want to fight inside, build perimeter defense- the Burma road- need to get trough it- japs get into indo china because ask Nazis- scares US- stops oil to japan- the japs need oil and Brits re- open Burma oad with US pressure- so, japs say we can give up southern china, or get b road closed- and then Hitler invades Russ- Japs happy bc knew Russ was out- - so Japs take indo- china in three months- phillipines, Thailand, Burma, Malaysia...
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