Lifecycle Strategies in Asia

Charisma two types of people those who are sedentary

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Unformatted text preview: lifecycles - management, finance, business- Ichak Adizes- corporate lifecycles- - early courtship, infancy, founder, etc- - the guy who brings the idea to formation will almost always kill it if tries to bring it past go- go- inventor or founder is worst person to take org up to maturity- because risk taking is not equal to innovation and creative - weber- institutionalization of charisma- two types of people- those who are sedentary (hierarchical) hunters- led by charisma- want to follow people with no self- confidence - generization borne out by a lot of data - adizes- you create institutionalization as charismatic person dies or loses follows- so, will burn out loyalty ot burns out himself or gets fired- so, he knocks himself out- new...
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