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Lifecycle Strategies in Asia

Most techonoliges have several generations of quality

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Unformatted text preview: keep loading soldier, problem- many drown or are exhausted they coudltn fight- get the weight off of them, levitating skateboard- need to invent device not dependent on wheels- - most techonoliges have several generations of quality in them- - technology depends on marketing- salesmanship is part of the issue- coolness factor- - hype cycle- excitement when first come out Bloch Russian industrialist- described modern technology- esp used in WWI- says it’s the apocalypse and so dangerous- but still used- slaughtered 40 million, now we have nucs - most techna that are good come from an organization- need to get other people on board- achieve social objective- by yourself, you have a good idea, but need to motivate other people Organizational...
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