Murray Millet Chapter 1

milit thought fuatl of society but amny books

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Unformatted text preview: se where pol interfered with milit analysis was response to De Gauls book- called for professional armed forces- but poliiticans thought that they were trying to overtake military control fo the Republic • Strategic environ should have favorewd develop ot tanks an armeored forces- but milit leaders never confronted pol leaders abt imbalance of dungin and requirement- also, would need mobile, well prepared force to move vs Rhineland, but doctrine in interwar period said needed tightly contolled combat- • F doctrine was offensively minde- so made stylized, tightly conroleed tactivs that were unsuited for WWII German Pol and Strat Environ • Impressive G innovation in mechanized warfare- mislearned the alrger strat and pol leassons from WW!- milit thought fuatl of society –but amny books written yo analyze, unlike in B an F • Admired milit, so never had ot beg, no prob with spending on milit, but rather the impsitions of the strict milit controls by Versailles0 llimitedarmy to 100k menforabde tanks, aircraft etc= still did it, but limits to what could get away with • Pol leaders allowd army flexibilility- and, elected armys’s WW! Leader, Paiul Von Hundenburg as the pres of the repub • H as reich chancelloe robbed the army of political independence- unlimited funding thoug...
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