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Murray Millet Chapter 1

Responsibilitie d rift between general staff at top

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Unformatted text preview: about op or tactical lessons of war • But, did accomplish stuff- armore warfare- contributed a lot to the creation of panzer forces in Germany- • • • • • • • Fuller and Hart acigs, experimented with armored warfare- turned theory into reality- ttacked the milit leaders- therefore, their influence decreased- so, ideas influenced less the prep of gorund forces and prevented help ven after german wins of 39- 40 When Milne was 27/28 potentials of armored warfare- underlined tactival adv of manurever and firepower- imp of radios for armored formations=- but, dutring pracgice, armored was not living up to it’s full idealization- Hart was pissed But, hart didn’t understand that Burnett- Stuart wasn’t trying to show off, but rather test troops under unfavorable conditions- so, unfortunate for the political impact- Armored develop in 30s was missed opportunity- tied develop only to infantry and cavalry- Not even prepared intellectually- thought a G advance thorugh Holland and Belgium would be slower than before- Paid heaviest price in locust years- was the inability to adapt to battlefield in later ueard=s- bc didn’t want innovators of armored warfare to have power During Milne’s CIGS, he got little help form armored innovators bc those innovators had exacerbated the gap F...
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