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Murray Millet Chapter 1

So ill prepared for czech and for francs even after

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Unformatted text preview: ough in mid 1930s army saw germ as potential prob, but couldn’t make gains domestically • Chamerlain- PM- embraced a stratecy of limited liability- so, preparing army for continent was nonexistent- • Army- just a colonial peaceforce- protect isles, guard trade routs, garrison empie, and cooperate in defense of brit allies- • Design for modern tank stopped- bc Cham imposed limit on defense spending- so, ill prepared for Czech and for Francs- even after munich, still kept it low=- • Finally relented in Feb 1939- once Czech happened- did conscription • Hard to consider what they had to do on continent while the whole political atmosphere was against it- • But, anti war and anti army sentinments are not the only reason why the army couldn’t innovate French Pol and Strat Environ • F mirrors Brits= but geographic position made it have a tragic twist=- dreaded another war, but knew significance of defense- so, more realistic than Brits- began re- armament late- • Discrepancies=- - Maginot line- = wanted deep, thick defense, ended with thin line because didn’t want industrial capacirte within the defensive fortified zoen- 2 ca...
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