Murray Millet Chapter 1

Treaty discredited tradit g leadership so sch totally

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Unformatted text preview: rench • Administrative- misassigned, misdirected orgs= structure= paralysis of indecision – general staff commanded the army, but had no control over finances, personnel or administration- sec general ran the administration, but had no command responsibilitie- d • Rift between general staff at top and those in charge of regimental soldiering- • Took prep for gorund war seriously- but, doctrine fell victim to org vacuum- no large scale exam of the lessons by a huge portion of the officer corps • French War college- emph tight control over maneuever- tighltly controlled op, artillery would dominate battlefield and movement forwar- only go overto offensive if favorabl- but, doctrine made F incapable of undertaing G doctrine it also gave them overconfidence in the ability of their firepower to contrain enemy attacks • Did put effort into tanks- 40- more tansk than G- but, since armored develop occurred within a doctinral straitjacket that aimed at max control over ope, the F failed ot see the tanks potential- just saw them as supporting the methodical battle- • Slow progress in creating an armored force- but, some talk about making an armored division like cavalry- shock force to rupture enem’s front- swift and far reaching action- but, doctrinal framework and indeiciosn kept de...
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