Murray Millet Chapter 2 Assault from the Sea

All had to have ground forces to defend auxillary

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Unformatted text preview: ve than BJ- but, had an adequate force and a global one by 44- bc had indust means to produce Brit designs like the LST and to exploit the Shinsu- maru • Only novel thing was asmphibian tractors- marine corp- • Barrier to amphib force was that congress and navy only wanted to focus on warships, not auxillaries • Eureka- good power to size ratio- could go in shallow water- navy worked with the same designer- Higgins- for a tank lighter and transport orne • Amphib tractor- marine corps- bc of coral reefs in pacific- developed it- BJ both didn’t focus on it, so by time WWII, S had hundreds • Aviation for amphib ops- 1. Gain air superiority over the land and sea space, 2. Conduct offensive air ops against enemy targets- B didn’t, but JUS did- needed to figure out how to move air within range of objective amph zone by air bases or carriers • Marine corps thought a lt more abt this though- before 1914, realized that air could be huge for gorund combat- and now, in amphib assaults- aviation firepower...
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